easy-dial Internet calling

How to make internet calls from WAM

US$ Calling Accounts For US$ Calling Accounts, access your WAM through a suitable Browser, and use the dial-pad as shown.

Remember to use the full international code for calling any number.
If you are making calls from a device other than a mobile phone, make sure that the device (laptop, tablet, PC etc) has the microphone enabled. A good test is that if you can use Skype on the device, there should be no problem using your WAM dial-pad.


Instant re-charge in $US - Extra Bonus

The screenshot above also shows the WAM methods available (PayPal or Credit Card) for instant top ups to your US$ Calling Account, with bonuses applied as follows:

$10 + 5% credit Bonus

$25 + 7.5% credit Bonus

$50 + 10% credit Bonus

euro Calling Accounts


Access your WAM through a suitable Browser, and navigate to the "Mobile App - Your Dialler" link on the menu on the right. Download the app suited to your phone. Please see the screenshot below: