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Calling Accounts
US$ or Euro based

From Where?

Roaming from 40+ countries

Not using the internet? Save money on international calls - UK access 0808, 0845, 0208 and other local international roaming or national access. US$ Can be used from UK, USA Canada and Greece: Euro from 40 + countries. Check WAM for details

Calling Accounts
with VOIP /mobile app

From Where?
browser or app

To use with yourWAM dial-pad (US$ Calling Accounts) and a FREE smartphone app (Euro Calling Accounts)

Internet connection - cheapest service.

Private Numbers for your Account

From Anywhere

Private UK and USA DDIs for use with your US$ Calling Account allowing incoming calls with VoiceMail

Call-back service

From Where?

From Anywhere

If you are overseas with no access to the Internet and want to make low cost international calls from landline or mobile (US$ Calling Accounts only)

Chatline Service

With who?
Singles in the UK

From Where?

or International

How to use it?
From the UK call 0872 345 4 345 (straight) or 0872 100 2 010 (gay) and start chatting!
For lower charges and international access from outside the UK, please see our new easychatPIN product