US$ and Euro Calling Accounts

What is a Calling Account? - A Calling Account we describe as a back-up telephone service to complement - and not to replace - the existing home or business telecom service provided by your local home landline and/or mobile network. It has important additional features, including the ability to make most international calls more cheaply, and can be used to make calls either via the internet, or from overseas and other locations, avoiding the expensive roaming charges used by Mobile operators. Where internet is freely available, Calling Accounts offer an alternative to traditional telephony, with certain exceptions - for example the calling of "shortcode" or emergency numbers.

Call from any touchtone phone - using either the Freephone 0808 or 020 (UK) or other local international access numbers we give you when you sign up. Calls may also be made via the Internet with the dial-pad available on your WAM (US$ Calling Accounts) or via the smartphone mobile app downloadable (Euro Calling Account)

No connection charges. Our rates are applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you are not restricted to making calls after 6.00 pm or at week-ends! Rates include Sales Tax and are always avilable through your WAM. Call minute announcements will also inform you of the maximum calling time you have available on any particular call

No hidden charges! Our rates and charges are transparent and can be checked at any time using the WAM portal

Web Account Management (WAM) This allows you to manage your easy-dial calling account online. Information available includes details of your calls (call record statements, useful numbers, FAQs, number registration, speed dial set-up and a lot more! Click for details of Web Account Management.

Open an account with £25 - or the equivqlent in $US or Euros - (an advance against the cost of your calls). Pay by credit or debit card, or through PayPal.