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In March 2018 we upgraded our US$ Calling Account Service. This upgrade involved extra layers of security and many new features added to your WAM management portal to bring our telecoms service up to date with 21st century technology.

  • All existing customers were informed by private e-mail to their registered email address as recorded on our subscribed Calling Account Customer e-mail lists - see our new Privacy Policy for a full explanation as to how we use these lists.
  • To re-subscribe to our Customer e-mail lists, please e-mail us as below confirming which e-mail address you would like us to use.
  • If you have not received any information, please e-mail us as above. Or complete our Contact Form

Who are easy-dial ?

We have been servicing our customer for 20 years now and have developed into a telecoms provider offering new internet based services, but with the emphasis on international calling. Please see More about us

Can I speak to someone?

In our experience, any telephone query we have ever had has been transferred to either an engineer or accounting, which has delayed the process. So we recommend e-mail contact because this will be dealt with as quickly, if not more so. Calling Account holders should always quote the relevant username/account number or PIN when contacting us.

What is a Calling Account?

A Calling Account we describe as a back-up telephone service to complement - and not to replace - the existing home or business telecom service provided by your local home landline and/or mobile network. It has important additional features, including the ability to make most international calls more cheaply, and can be used to make calls either via the internet, or from overseas and other locations, avoiding the expensive roaming charges used by Mobile operators. Where internet is freely available, Calling Accounts offer an alternative to traditional telephony, with certain exceptions - for example the calling of "shortcode" or emergency numbers.

Do you guarantee your services?

No one – not even the largest telecommunication companies – can guarantee 100% quality and service at all times. However, we do pledge to do our best to keep our customers making calls and saving money. Your Calling Account is your back-up service to your main network provider, with more options available through cheaper international calling, and calling from abroad or via the internet.

Do your call rates change?

Yes, we are continuously monitoring our rates to ensure that they are competitive and reliable. Very rarely rates to particular destinations might increase. Rate changes take place without notice that is why it’s important to check your WAM where the full rates list is available 24/7

Are the call rates quoted available at all times?

Yes, except where stipulated (e.g. UK peak and off peak), the rates quoted are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do your rates include VAT or Sales Tax?

Yes. Rates are quoted either in US$ or euros depending upon the Calling Account - US$ based or Euro based

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs with our service – we will advise you at the outset of any additional charges which you may incur. Unless otherwise stated, rates listed under 10c will be rounded up to the nearest decimal place and rates listed over 10c will be rounded to the nearest fraction. (Example: True rate = 1.949c per minute, quoted rate rounded to 1.99c per minute.)

What phones can I call from?

You can call from any touch tone phone. This means that when you press one of the keys you can hear a "Beep"

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Why do I need to advise the main destination(s) for my calls?

So that we can select the best service for your needs.

Why do you provide both US$ and Euro Calling Accounts?

Each service has different routing available and is run from separate secure servers (or exchanges/telecom switches) and with different base currencies relating to the location of the Network providers. Having two systems benefits from easy-dial having some service redundancy. Generally speaking, the Euro based service is better suited to UK and European/EU based Customers and the US$ based service to UK, US customers and the Rest of the World

Do I have to pay in $US for credit to my US$ Calling Account?

The currency associated with your US$ Calling Account is determined on sign up, and may be either GBP£ US$ or Euros. Subsequent payments should be made in the same currency.

Can I have both a US$ and Euro Calling Account?

Certainly. Some of our customers have both Euro and US$ Calling Accounts

Can I switch my call credit between a US$ and Euro Calling Account?

Certainly. The minimum transfer of credit from one existing Calling Account to another is US $10 or £10 or 10 Euros. To set up a second Calling Account requires a transfer of £25 or currency equivalent

Do I need to choose between different access numbers?

No. We will inform you of the international access number needed to operate your Calling Account depending on where you are located - either internationally or in a specialsed location such as an offshore rig or ship or in an establishment that only allows Freephone Access numbers. Please see our access number page for more information

What is the minimum start up cost of a Calling Account?

£25 GBP / 25 US$ / or 25 Euros – this is an advance against calling costs.

Is there a minimum call cost?

Yes. There is a minimum charge of 5c.

How are calls charged?

Calls are charged in one minute increments.

Can I use your service to call from a hotel room?

Yes, but be aware that some hotels may have a policy of surcharging calls made through service providers. You should check beforehand. You might find that call-back (US$ Calling Account) is a better option, or, with Internet Access available. you can use the dial-pad facility available through your WAM

Can I use the service with my mobile?

Of course. You would need to check with your network to ascertain what charges will be made to access our local access numbers. In the UK for example access to local access numbers (rather than 0808) using any "free minutes package" is very cost effective.

Can I call from Payphones?

Yes, but there will be a surcharge when using public payphones. This rate will be in line with the industry norm.

Can I use my account for calling from overseas?

Yes - our Calling Account Service is designed exactly for this purpose.Our Calling Accounts can always be used to make calls via the internet with your WAM dial-pad. We provide international local access numbers and special 0800/0808 Freephone numbers for use within the UK and from certain offshore rigs and ships which use a UK telecoms network. Finally, we have callback, which is a feature available with our US$ Calling Accounts

How do I open an account?

You can open an account using an on-line registration form or by e-mailing us at

How can I top-up my account?

We accept payment via PayPal and most credit cards. You can select automatic top-up when you register - provided you are paying with a Master Card or VISA Card. For US$ Calling Accounts, using our WAM (Web Account Management) system, which you can access using the information provided to you after sign-up, top ups are instantly credited to your Calling Account. There are call credit bonuses available for WAM top-ups where the amount is $10 or more. Both Euro and US$ Calling Account customers can also use our on-line top-up form but there will be a delay in crediting the Account - normally up to 2 hours.

How do I pay for opening or topping up a Calling Account?

You can pay on-line using a credit card or debit card or PayPal. If you opt for AUTO top up (automatic top-up when the account credit falls below a minimym amount) then we will need details of your Master Card or VISA credit card, which can be sent to us using this secure form. Or if you have a US$ Calling Account, you can top up instantly with the maximum call credit bonus using the WAM top up process.

How quickly can you set up my account?

Once your funds are cleared we will open the account straight away (usually within 1 - 2 hours). Applications received overnight (European time zone) will be processed the next morning. We do however carry out certain checks to avoid fraudulent applications being processed. This may delay the opening of your account.

How do I receive my Account details?

These are normally e-mailed to you but they can be texted (SMS).

What is a Roaming Service?

A Roaming Service effectively gives you access to your personal Calling Account from countries other than your base or home country.

Why are other access numbers also provided with the Calling Account service?

Local country roaming access numbers attract the cost of a local or national call charge from the local phone service or primary network suppliers. In the UK for example, these rates are lower in the evenings and weekends and therefore add less to the overall call charge - one main advantage of these access numbers is that they can often be used with any "free minutes" package or allowance available from your primary telephone or network provider.

Are your services suitable for calling non-standard phone numbers?

Our services are not suitable for calling non-standard or non-geographic phone numbers (e.g. national or international Freephone numbers, personal numbers, premium numbers, Directory Enquiries or other audio text services) and if such calls are made they will be charged at rates substantially above the prices advertised. 999 or other International Emergency numbers or short code access numbers cannot be dialled

How does the service work?

Calling Account Customers are provided with a username and password/PIN - normally six or seven digits. This allows access to your online account management service, and the secure 6 or 7 digit cardnumber/PIN/password is all you need to remember for making calls. It is very simple and full operating instructions will be sent to you with your account details.

Can you register my personal phone numbers so that I do not
need to enter a password or PIN?

Yes, depending on the access number we provide you, you can set up your Calling Account to operate with specified phone number(s) – this works through a process known as CLI (Caller Line Identity - also known as ANI). This registration option is also available to you through your WAM. You can still use the Calling Account from other phones in the normal way with your password/PIN

NB. If you have previously selected a service from your local network provider which hides the caller identity, then please make sure that you use an access number which is configured as "PIN only". Please ask us for details of the "PIN only" access number suitable for your Calling Account.

If I decide to terminate my account can I get a refund?

Yes, we will refund you the credit remaining on the account less an administration fee of 10% (minimum fee £5.00 - or other currency equivalent).

Will my account expire?

Yes, the Account will expire six (6) months after last usage. So make sure that you make at least one call every six months.

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How much does it cost to open an account?

You can open an account with £25 $25 or 25 Euros

How will I receive my account details?

Once your application has been successfully processed we will e-mail or SMS your account details to you with full operating details

Are the access numbers toll free?

No - with the exception of special UK services, access numbers provided are country specific local access numbers.

Are there any other connection charges?

No, but be aware that calls from most payphones and some mobile networks will incur higher charges

Can I top-up the account?

Yes. Either through WAM for US$ Calling Accounts or simply complete one of the on-line top-up forms, or e-mail us!

Will the account expire?

Yes, 6 months from last usage.

What is the dialling procedure?

  • Dial the appropriate access number and wait for the greeting;
  • When requested, enter your personal 6 or 7 digit cardnumber/PIN
  • You will then be asked to dial your destination phone number: remember to use the full international dialling code (for UK 0044)
  • Other Example  to dial USA 001 xxxxxxxx
  • For follow on calls, don’t hang up, just press the # key twice (##) then dial as described above. When you have finished with the service, you should dial *#.

How are calls billed?

The billing for this service is in one minute increments.

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NB. Our new Calling Accounts use VOIP technology and offer the same service as described below - making internet calls via your Calling Account utilises VOIP. If you own an easy-VOIP account the new Calling Account technology has replaced and upgraded the easy-VOIP services. Username and password/PIN remains the same and you have access to the same WAM with the new dial-pad facility. Existing diallers or ATAs will continue to work as before.

What is VOIP? Do I need a fixed IP address (No NAT)?
How good is the quality and will it replace my existing service? 
What do I need to use easy VOIP?
I am already an easy-dial customer; How can I benefit?
Can I use easy VOIP with my dial-up Internet?
How do I sign up for an account?
When can I start using the easy VOIP service?
Where can I get the Softphone software? 
How do I set up the Softphone software?
How can I get the recommended telephones?
How do I set up the telephones?
Do I have to use the Softphone Software you recommend?
Do I have to use the telephones you recommend?
Can I get an incoming number for my service? What does it cost?
How do I make free calls to other easyVOIP users?
What happens if my ISP tries to block VOIP services?

What is VOIP? Do I need a fixed IP address (No NAT)? 
VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. No - the service will support devices operating in DCHP mode or with fixed IP addresses.

How good is the quality and will it replace my existing service?
The quality of Internet calls has improved dramatically and is now similar to Mobile phone call quality - which can cost up to 30 times more. However, it is NOT recommended as a replacement for an exisiting landline service - but an additional service, with another phone number. Remember that we have no control over the quality of - and contention ratio applying to - the internet connection that you are using.

What do I need to use easyVOIP?

1. For PC to phone operation. you need a PC with the easyVOIP dialler (softphone software) plus Microphone/speakers (or headset).
2. For phone to phone operation, you can use an ATA or SIP phone which connects directly to your router/modem.
3. For 3g phones - examples are iPhones, Blacberry, Android, Symbian and many others - we provide special FREE diallers - software which is downloaded directly to your mobile phone.
4. Broadband or any high speed connection to the Internet
5. An easyVOIP Account

I am already an easy-dial customer; how can I benefit?
You can benefit from our cheapest possible call rates by opening a VOIP account. Your Calling Accountor Global Callback Account is of course more versatile, as it uses conventional telephone and can be used from any landline or Mobile without an internet connection.

Can I use easyVOIP with my dial-up Internet?
Theoretically, it is possible, but we do not recommend it.

How do I sign up for an account?
You simply complete the easyVOIP account application and we will send you by e-mail, your Username, Password, Web ID and (if needed) the IP address of the service. You will need these three bits of info to simply set up your smart phone, softphone or ATA device and to access the on-line management information.

When can I start using my easyVOIP service?
Your service is "live" when you receive your welcome email and instructions plus your Username Password Web ID and/or IP address. For PC to phone, you can start making calls immediately you download and install the software. Downloading over broadband, installing and configuration usually takes 2 minutes or less.

Where can I get the Dialler or Softphone software?
You can in fact use many different types of SIP Softphone software. Currently, we recommend our own WAM dialpad. We will advise you where to download any other recommended Diallers

How do I set-up the Softphone Software?
For set-up, please follow the installation instructions for the software, followed by our simple instructions here.

How can I get the recommended SIP telephones?
The recommended hardware devices are available through reputable distributors. We will not normally supply them to you. You need to order them directly from the firm or a recognised distributor.

How do I set-up the telephones?
By reference to the manufacturers' instructions. The only items of information you will need from us are the Username, Password and IP address of the service, which will be in your welcome email, after you sign up.

Do I have to use the Softphone Software you recommend?
No you do not. However, we will be unable to support any other if you have difficulties in using the service.

Do I have to use the SIP phones you recommend?
No you do not. However, we will be unable to support any other if you have difficulties in using the service.

Can I get an incoming number for my service? What does it cost?
Yes - there will be limited numbers from the UK and the USA. The cost is 0.50US$ per month and can easily be set up through your US$ Calling Account (which is an easy-Voip account also)

How do I make free calls to other easyVOIP users?
This is now available through the WAM feature - known as "Chat" it is essntially a free chat service (like What's app for example) and provides free private messenger chat to other callers with easy-dial Calling Accounts or easyVOIP users.

What happens if my ISP tries to block VOIP services?
easy-VOIP diallers have an inbuilt VPN programme which has been very effective in preventing the blocking of SIP calls.

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